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Pool Building Step-By-Step Process
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Steps 1-10: An Approximate 6-12 Week Process (for typical projects)

It can be hard to wait while building your new pool, with the anticipation of the fun and community it’ll bring. However, understanding the process can help you remember what’s coming, and when the project should wrap up.

This guide lays out the step-by-step process to build your perfect pool escape. Once you sign the contract to build your new pool, DHP Pools will send you a custom schedule complete with a detailed and customized plan for your particular project.

Step 1: Layout & Design

The first week is where you’ll have the most interaction with the team. This is where you’ll consult with our designers and engineers as they construct a custom 3D pool design. Once the design looks right on paper, the next step is to spray paint it on the ground where the pool will go. This gives you an opportunity to see it in place to ensure it’s precisely what you want before any construction begins. Once you sign off on the outline, the excavation process has a green light to proceed. This first step may take about a week, depending on the revisions needed to get the exact design you want.

Step 2: The Dig

It’s exciting for both young kids and kids at heart to watch the excavation process. Watching the big machinery is fun, and your family will have a front-row seat as the magic transforms your yard. Our crews make it look effortless, but make no mistake that it takes a lot of time, experience, and hard work to learn the skills needed to successfully excavate the area for a new pool. Excavation typically takes about two days, followed by about a week to pull the appropriate permits.

Step 3: Steel Installation

Week 3: Once your town has issued the appropriate building permits, the work can begin. The next step is installing the steel frame that gives the pool its strength. This usually takes about two days to complete. If you’ve ever wondered if a man can bend steel, here’s your opportunity to see the practical application of doing so. Our crew utilizes special techniques and tools needed to shape the steel rebar into the exact shape the excavating crew cleared.

Step 4: Plumbing & Electrical

Plumbing is one of the most important aspects of keeping your pool clean and clear, so it’s understandably an important part of the installation process. The special aspects of your pool will determine how complex the plumbing is to install. The basic plumbing includes the main drain system and the skimmer. However, any other features you’ve included in your design will also be installed at this time. These may also include:

It’s also at this time that the pool’s interior lighting is installed. To complete this process, we’ll work with both a qualified plumber and electrician. Altogether, this part takes about a week, which includes pulling the necessary permits for both the electrical and plumbing.

Step 5: Shotcrete

The next three days start exciting and end with some relaxation as we install the concrete shell. The special concrete, called shotcrete, is applied with a pressurized system, “shooting” it onto the steel frame created in Step 3. Once the shotcrete is applied, it still requires careful crafting to make it even and smooth. The three days include the time for application and crafting, plus the time for the concrete to cure before we can begin Step 6.

Step 6: Tile and Decking

Once the concrete shell has cured, it’s time to start making your pool beautiful. The tile setter is more than a laborer but is truly a design artist that will make your pool truly yours. Tiles are used to decorate your pool’s perimeter to give your home escape the character you want. Depending on the specific design and square footage, the tile and decking process may take up to about seven days to complete.

Step 7: Interior Finish

The interior of your pool isn’t finished with installing the concrete. Once it cures properly, you must still coat the interior. The basic coating is plaster, which usually takes about three days to complete. However, more distinctive designs use aggregates such as glass beads, pebbles, or stylish quartz. Depending on the design and style you want, you may also use ceramic or porcelain tile. Water is immediately added to the pool after the crew completes the finish.

Step 8: Pool Start-Up

Once the water is in the pool, it’s tempting to jump in and start enjoying yourself. However, there’s still some work that needs to be completed before the pool is ready for use. A start-up technician tests the components of the pool’s water system to ensure everything’s functioning properly. At a basic level, this includes starting and testing the circulating pump and setting the timer. If there are any special fittings for the water return or jets, the technician will install those. Next, they’ll thoroughly clean the pool and the tile deck, scrubbing and brushing to loosen any leftover debris from construction. Once they completed the cleaning, they’ll start the process of balancing the water’s pH level and chlorine. This takes several days to ensure there’s the proper amount of chlorine while being careful not to add too much. Aside from balancing the pool’s chemicals, the rest of the start-up is completed in a single day.

Step 9: Final Deck Coating

Before you start splashing around in your pool, the pool deck needs a final coating. This seals the concrete, adds texture to prevent slipping, and some coatings repel solar heat to keep the deck cool. Generally, the final coating takes about a day to complete, and then another 12 hours to dry.

Step 10: Landscaping Begins

Week 8: The very last piece to complete your pool area is the landscaping that provides shade and sets the mood of your outdoor escape. This includes not only the plants around your yard, but also furniture, lighting, and even audio or video if that was included in the project. Altogether, landscaping may take up to about seven days to complete.

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