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Pool Installation in Atlanta, GA

Installing a pool at your home in Atlanta, GA brings with it the hope of relaxation and fun. However, the process can seem overwhelming, trying to decide the right style, construction materials, and the right Georgia pool contractor. Working with DHP Pools makes the process easy, helping you evaluate the swimming pool options and install the best one for your home.

Benefits of Getting Pool Installation With Atlanta’s Best Pool Builder

Installing a pool isn’t simple, even if it’s an above ground option. Rather, the process includes preparing the area and making sure that it’s smooth. If you’re installing a single-depth pool, you’ll want to ensure the ground is also flat. This often means you’ll need at least minor excavating before you can properly install the pool.

It’s also easy to damage your pool components, either the structure and liner or the pump and equipment that keeps your pool clean. Working with a reputable pool installer near me ensures everything is handled properly, protecting the integrity of your new pool, and bringing life to your dream.

Inground or Above Ground Pool Installation?

When it comes to installing a pool for your home, you have to start with whether to install an above ground or inground pool. Above-ground pools are generally less expensive, even with professional installation. They also install quickly, usually in less than a day.

The trade-off is that they have a very short life, usually substantially under 10 years, and they are susceptible to Georgia’s severe weather. There are also very few options, with only basic round, square, rectangle, and oval shapes of various sizes available. Above ground also means you’ll have to build pool decking around it to keep everyone safe and have an area to relax next to the pool.

Inground pools tend to be more expensive, but are also more of an investment in your home. Some pools may raise your home’s value by as much as 7.7%, according to some analysts. They are also highly customizable, with many options being custom-built right on site. This allows you to get more pool for your space and gives you more options, such as having a lazy river rather than a standard pool, or adding a hot tub to a corner, just to name a few.

Inground pools take much longer to install, with the process usually lasting a month or more. However, inground pools will last for decades, only needing maintenance refinishing to keep them looking good and functioning well.

If you choose to install an inground pool, your pool contractor will offer three primary construction options, including vinyl, concrete, and gunite. Your budget, customization, and desired features will all determine the right one for your home.

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Vinyl Pool

Vinyl is the most economical option, but also comes with the greatest limitations. The vinyl lining is manufactured away from the pool site and hauled in. The pool builder will construct a frame, typically of wood or steel. Your options are limited to what the lining manufacturer has the capability of producing.

Concrete Pool

Concrete continues to offer a solid pool structure, but with a high degree of customization available. Your pool installation team will create a steel framework for the floor and use concrete forms for the walls. The team then pours the concrete into forms and allows it to cure before adding the finish of your choice. The challenge with concrete is that there are inevitably seams that require additional maintenance and that create weak points.

Gunite Pool

Gunite is similar to concrete but is considered a more elegant solution. Rather than using forms, the installation team creates a complete pool framework of steel and rebar. The gunite is then applied to the frame using a pressurized hose, making it still to the frame and offering a seamless shell. This allows for the highest degree of customization, including unique finishes like aggregate and quartz, which don’t work as well with traditional concrete.

Additional Custom Pool Features

In addition to the pool itself, you’ll want to consider other features you want to be added. This should include a pool fence to keep your family and guests safe. You may also consider features like a pool rock slide, fountain, or even a waterfall.

Work with the best pool installer near me to make your swimming dreams come true. We’ll meet you at your home, listen to your dreams, offer some additional options, evaluate your property, and then give you a written estimate for the entire process. Call (470) 444-0440 to schedule your free estimate with one of the expert pool contractors at DHP Pools.