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Commercial Pools in Atlanta GA

Whether you’re in the hospitality industry or you manage multi-family housing communities, swimming pools can completely transform your business. It’s no secret that people prefer a property that has recreational swimming as part of its available amenities.

But it’s not simply having a pool that sets commercial properties apart, but custom commercial pools. Properties are increasingly moving to a resort feel, including water parks over the simple rectangular pools. Working with an experienced pool builder helps you find the best swimming pool options for your property and your clientele.

Swimming Pool Design

Your swimming pool’s design is sometimes the difference between it feeling like you’ve simply checked a box, versus really giving your guests and residents something special. Swimming pool construction is as much about creating something unique that fits your property as it is about giving function. Both are important and together create a magical synergy.

When thinking about your commercial property’s pool design, start with the size. While you likely won’t fit everyone on your property in the pool at the same time, it needs to have enough capacity that people feel like it’s available and enjoyable.

Once you consider the size pool that’ll benefit your property, consider the needs of its users. Do you expect small children who would benefit from a zero-depth entry? Do you attract divers, and need more than the standard 6- to 8-foot depth? Will people use the pool more for athletic swimming and exercise, or recreation and relaxing?

All of these play an incredibly important part in how you’ll design your pool, and how your swimming pool contractor recommends constructing it. Finally, consider the space you have to work with, and how you can uniquely offer an amazing pool environment, even if your area isn’t large and symmetrical.

Pool Options

There are three primary types of swimming pools that property owners typically consider. These include gunite, concrete, and vinyl, each with its unique attributes and reasons for choosing them. In addition to the pool’s construction materials, you’ll want to consider additional options to enhance the pool environment.

Many commercial property owners opt for gunite pools due to their elegance when it’s finished. This is similar to concrete, with both made from a mix of cement, sand, and water. However, unlike concrete, it isn’t poured over a frame and into a mold. Rather, your swimming pool contractor’s team installs a frame of steel and rebar. They then shoot the mixture through a pressurized hose onto the frame, creating a smooth shell without any seams. Gunite’s final finish is more polished and aesthetically pleasing than standard concrete because it doesn’t have the seams you’ll find with standard concrete.

Both gunite and concrete need a finish before filling and using. These finishes range from standard plaster, tile, and glass beading to more stylish aggregate and quartz. Quartz is the most elegant as it reflects the light around the pool. Aggregate has become popular to give your guests the experience of stepping into a natural water source rather than an institutional pool.

For more economical commercial pool options, you can consider a vinyl pool. These use walls typically constructed of wood or steel and then fitted with the vinyl lining that was made at a pool manufacturer and shipped in. Given their manufacturing process, vinyl pools have much less customizability, but they’ll still attract more people to your property.

Finally, consider the options that will complete the atmosphere for your guests. Do you want waterfalls, manufactured rocks overhanging the water, or possibly some fountains? Do you want custom tiling or beadwork on the pool bottom or stairs to represent your brand or the property’s theme? All of these transform simple pools into resort destinations.

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Pool Prices

One of the most important considerations before installing a swimming pool is the cost of the project. This is where you’ll want to research the reputation of your swimming pool contractor for completing a projection on schedule and within budget. DHP Pools brings the same reputation to commercial pool construction that people have come to expect from DHP Builders as they construct custom homes around Atlanta, GA.

We’re authorized dealers for HFS Financial, offering financing for your commercial pool in Atlanta, GA. Through them, you can seek financing for projects up to $500,000 with terms of up to 20 years to fund so that you can continue building your property’s bottom line.

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