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Custom Pool Design in Atlanta, GA

When you want to create a truly relaxing experience at your home, you can’t just settle for the out-of-the-box pools, regardless of size. Rather, only custom swimming pools flow naturally with your home’s property and landscaping. As you’re looking for pool companies near me, consider those with the skills and reputation for providing unique designs that’ll fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Why a Custom Design Pool?

When it comes to installing a pool in Atlanta, GA, you have the choice of a manufactured pool that’s hauled in or a custom pool that’s created on-site. Manufactured pools are typically made of fiberglass or vinyl. These pools have some options, including several sizes and shapes. However, you can only use what the company already manufactures.

Custom pools are typically created from concrete or gunite, which will outlast any fiberglass or vinyl pool. From an aesthetic appeal, artfully constructed custom pools are more attractive when it’s time to sell your home than prefabricated options. Being they are constructed on-site, you have a wide range of customization options available.

Pool Design

If you want something more unique, or if you don’t have a symmetrical space for your pool, you’ll want to consider a custom pool design. A custom pool in Atlanta, GA gives you the opportunity to create whatever size you want, in whatever shape you can imagine. If you want a segregated pool, with different discrete depths, you can do that with a custom pool. You can even have a pool and hot tub spa designed together. Whatever you can imagine, the pool builders at DHP Pools can make it happen.

To get the process started, one of our pool designers will meet with you to discuss what you have in mind. As you discuss your dream pool, they’ll offer suggestions for how to make it truly unique to your home and how to achieve the function you’re seeking.

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Get exactly the pool your family’s been dreaming of by getting a custom pool design in Atlanta, GA. Call to schedule your free consultation with one of DHP Pool’s expert pool designers.

Custom Options

Custom pool options start with what you use to construct the pool. Concrete is a popular option, using a steel frame and wall forms. The pool contractor will pour concrete over the frame and into the forms.

Gunite is a more elegant construction, though made of about the same material as concrete. The difference is the pool contractor sprays the gunite solution into place, rather than it being poured. This allows your pool builder to give a fully custom design, plus it won’t have the seams that are common with traditional concrete pools.

Pool Features

A custom pool in Atlanta, GA has a variety of features to control its uniqueness. Start by considering the various finishes that go inside the pool. You can choose a standard finish like plaster or tile. However, gunite also offers some beautiful options that’ll take your pool to another level. You can make your pool feel like a natural river or pond with an aggregate finish. If you prefer to see the sunlight glistening from the pool bottom, consider a quartz finish.

In addition to the finish, there are many other features to consider that change the function and feel of your pool. You’ll want to discuss these with your pool designer and ensure your pool is deep enough to accommodate whatever recreation you enjoy. These features include safety considerations, both inside and around the pool. Features you may want to consider include:

Pool Prices

Just as your pool will be custom to your home, so will its price. Unlike premanufactured pools, there are numerous variables that’ll determine your project’s price. Beyond the cost of constructing the pool body itself, you’ll need to consider the cost of excavating the site before construction begins.

Don’t forget to include the cost for things like your building permit and inspections. It’s incidental costs like this that add up quickly and can cause the project to go over budget in predictable ways. When DHP Pools writes an estimate, we strive to take all costs into account so that there are no surprises as we work through building your dream pool.

Pool Financing

One of the headaches to building your custom pool is securing the financing to complete the project. When you work with DHP pools, you don’t have to worry about where you’ll get that financing.

We’re an authorized dealer for HFS Financial, which offers direct-to-consumer loans of up to $500,000. They offer no equity options and a soft credit inquiry when you apply, so you don’t have to risk damaging your credit. This means that the same team that will help you find that custom pool dream will also help you find the capital to turn it into a reality.

Get exactly the pool your family’s been dreaming of by getting a custom pool design in Atlanta, GA. Call to schedule your free consultation with one of DHP Pool’s expert pool designers. Tell us about your dream pool, we’ll offer some suggestions, and then evaluate your space. After that’s all done, we’ll provide a written estimate for the entire project.