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Pool Construction in Atlanta, GA

When you start searching for a “pool builder near me,” you want to make sure you have a trusted team who has the experience and reputation needed to bring your dream into reality. DHP Pools brings the same professionalism and dependability that residents and businesses around Atlanta, GA have come to expect from DHP Builders.

Benefits of Getting a Custom Pool With Atlanta’s Best Pools Builder

Swimming pools are not only the dream of children across the country, but bring with them a host of benefits. These include:

Add all of this to the home equity boost an inground pool receives, sometimes boosting the property value by as much as 7.7%. There’s ample reason to find reputable pool companies near me to build your pool.

Understanding Pool Construction in Georgia

Constructing an inground swimming pool isn’t as simple as a team showing up with the pool on the back of a truck and unloading it. Rather, a pool contractor has several steps needed to ensure you get the right pool to match your dream and your budget.

The first step is planning your dream pool, including pool features, and whether you’ll have pool decking or a patio. You’ll also want to consider a pool enclosure or pool fence to keep your family and visitors safe.

Once you have the dream planned out, the next step is proper pool excavation. This prepares the area where your pool will end up, but also the surrounding area where you may want chairs or new landscaping.

Only after the excavation is complete do you move into actually constructing the pool. There are four primary kinds of pools you’ll find in residential settings that DHP Pools offers:

Your pool contractor will work with you during the planning phase to determine which is best for your home. No matter what material you choose, you’ll end up with a pool that’s uniquely yours and meets the needs and style of your house.

Vinyl Pool

A vinyl pool is the most economical type of inground pool you can install. Despite being fabricated off-site, they still have plenty of customization options. Some people prefer vinyl to other options because it’s generally easier on your feet with the smooth bottom. It may also make maintaining your pool easier because it discourages bacteria growth with the non-porous vinyl material.

The major downside to vinyl is that it won’t last nearly as long as concrete or gunite. Generally, you’ll want to plan to replace the vinyl liner every 5 to 10 years due to the degradation it’ll experience over time.

Concrete Pool

Concrete is one of the most popular options for residential pools around Georgia. It’s usually one of the most durable materials to use with pools, with both salt water and standard chlorine systems.

Once the excavation is complete, the team installs the wooden or steel frame used to hold the concrete in place. Next, the team pours the concrete into the frame, which then takes time to cure. Concrete pools end up having a seam where the concrete walls meet the floor.

Gunite Pool

Gunite pools are similar to concrete, in that both are made from a mixture of sand and cement. Unlike concrete, the team doesn’t pour the gunite into a frame mold. Rather, they create a permanent frame of steel and rebar.

They then shoot the gunite into place using a high-pressure system that propels the dry ingredients from the hopper to the nozzle. At the very last moment, water mixes with the dry ingredients, creating the sticky mixture that’ll harden into the floor and walls of your pool.

Gunite offers even more customizability than concrete, being it doesn’t rely on a mold to hold the mixture in place. It also doesn’t have the seams often encountered with a standard poured concrete pool.

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Sand Pool

Despite their name, sand pools are not actually made of sand, though they do give more of a beach feel than concrete. Rather, sand pools are a special type of concrete that’s covered with compacted sand while it’s still wet. This sand gives it a unique texture that looks like sand but doesn’t have the mess associated with loose sand.

Sand pools usually start at a zero-depth entry, and then go as deep as you’d like. This makes it a very natural feel, plus gives more accommodation for young children and others who need a more gradual pool entry and exit.

Finance Your New Pool

Adding a pool to your home takes capital, but at DHP Pools, we have several financing options available. Many people appreciate the no-equity personal loans available from HFS Financial, with terms up to 20 years and amounts up to $500,000. We use soft credit checks to avoid negative impacts on your credit while still offering full loan options.

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