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Georgia’s Best Concrete/Gunite Pools

When it comes to building swimming pools, you don’t just want any pool contractor. Rather, you want to know you have an Atlanta pool builder with a reputation for excellence and dependability. DHP Pools brings the same reputation people around the Atlanta, GA area have come to expect from DHP Builders, our sister company and project partner.

Whether you’re installing a residential pool or a commercial pool, you want to know your investment will last. This only happens when your team uses the best materials and has the right process. DHP Pools takes the time and effort to follow the best processes to ensure you’ll have the inground pool of your dreams. This starts with planning your pool and ends with the final equipment installation and cleanup.

What’s the Difference Between Concrete and Gunite?

As you’ve looked at options for building your inground pool, you’ve likely seen mention of concrete and gunite. What’s the difference between these two, and which is better as you plan for your home?

Concrete is easy to understand, being something that is used widely for everything from building foundations and walls to driveways and roads. A concrete pool is like most other concrete applications, which uses a rebar frame and a mold to create the shape desired. Concrete is then poured over the frame and allowed to cure.

Gunite is made of the same raw ingredients as concrete, primarily sand, cement, and water. However, gunite isn’t poured into place but rather sprayed onto a permanent frame of steel and rebar. This allows you to get more creative with your pool design, building something truly unique.

Gunite Pool

Gunite pools in Atlanta, GA are generally considered a more elegant pool than standard concrete. This is why higher-end homes and commercial pools tend to opt for gunite when building a new pool.

When it comes to a gunite pool versus fiberglass, there’s no question when you want something customized to your space. Fiberglass comes preformed from the factory, available in a number of different shapes and sizes. Your team simply hauls it up, sets it in the excavated hole, and connects the plumbing.

A gunite pool builder can construct anything you want, without the constraint of what a pool manufacturer can provide. This customization includes the sleekness of the finish, which can range from plaster, glass, quartz, pebble, and more.

A gunite pool typically needs resurfacing every 7 to 10 years to keep it in pristine condition. A fiberglass swimming pool may not need resurfacing for as much as 50 years, drastically reducing the maintenance costs. However, gunite offers much better aesthetics, making it the obvious choice for beauty combined with function.

Concrete Pool

Like gunite, concrete pools in Atlanta, GA give you more customizability than fiberglass. Due to the nature of concrete pouring, there’s not nearly as much capability as you can get with gunite. That said, concrete pool builders can give you some incredible options.

When it comes to concrete pools versus fiberglass, there are some of the same considerations as with gunite. Concrete will give you the exact look you’re wanting, including whatever size you can imagine, both big and small.

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The quality of your concrete or gunite pool is directly related to the skill of the pool contractor. For concrete, how the rebar frame and forms are placed will determine how well it settles. For gunite, it lies not only in the design of the frames but also in the skill of the gunite applicator.

DHP Pools has the experience needed to ensure your pool is constructed to give you the best experience. Our team doesn’t rush the process to get the project completed but ensures the frames are expertly constructed and that the concrete or gunite has the appropriate time to cure before completing the project. The payoff for you is that your pool will be exactly as you have dreamed since you first thought of building a pool.


In most cases, your concrete or gunite pool will outlast your pool decking. In fact, it’s not the gunite or concrete that needs maintenance. Rather, the finishing you use will need periodic resurfacing. In most cases, the finish should last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, depending on what kind of chemical mixture you use. However, both concrete and gunite are extremely resilient against animals, toys, and even tree branches that may fall in during a storm.

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